Study Abroad in Buenos Aires and get a Certificate in Latin American Studies

By spending a semester in Argentina, your students will not only enhance their CV, but continue to grow as global citizens. We have semester, summer and intensive language courses all year round. Students will receive transfer credit for Lower and Upper Division Courses while experiencing a challenging and transformative time in Buenos Aires. 

The Certificate in Latin American Studies distinguishes students willing to transform the semester abroad into an academic experience of excellence. There are four different tracks: Business & Economy, Cultural Studies, Linguistics and Latin American Studies. Students must complete five courses, and conduct a directed research.

Specifically designed for undergraduate students, our semester programs are held twice a year, beginning in early March and in late July.  We also have elective courses in the summer and a Medical Spanish Immersion Program that combines a clinical rotation at the British Hospital with a course for medical professionals. 
Courses are taught by our faculty in both Spanish (PEAL) and English (PALAS), and are transferable to the US and  European credit systems. 

Learn more about Latinamerica: 

  • Film 
  • Literature
  • Art 
  • Social science 
  • Cultures & civilizations
  • Political theory
  • Gender studies & history
  • Business
  • Economy
  • History
  • Cultural studies
  • Spanish language
  • Tango
  • Human rights
  • Special topics

We can create customized summer programs based on our course syllabi or on syllabi provided by your home university.


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