Academic Offer

Belgrano welcomes international students from our partner universities with bilateral exchange agreements and also free movers.

Undergraduate international students can combine our international semester programs: PEAL (Programa de Estudios Argentinos y Latinoamericanos) electives taught in Spanish, & PALAS (Program in Argentine and Latin America Studies), electives taught in English, both including Spanish (SPAN) & Portuguese (PORT) language courses; with IP (Immersion Program), electives from Belgrano Degree Programs with instruction in Spanish. Students willing to transform the semester abroad into an academic experience of excellence can consider adding the Certificate in Latin American Studies.

Students can always add a 4-week Spanish language early start prior to the semester or a 2-week experiential learning workshop afterwards. These options are strongly recommended for those who need to review their Spanish before the beginning of the semester and those who want to practise their Spanish after they are done with semester courses and use it in a real context.