Project-based learning 
Early November
This two-week intensive 60-hour workshop is a chance to experience the educational process of boat building in a woodshop located in the Tigre Delta, twenty miles north of the city of Buenos Aires. In just two weeks, students will learn to construct a rowing skiff from scratch and launch it in the nearby waters. The course is designed to open students’ minds and broaden their horizons while developing important skills such as problem solving, teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership. 

It is a unique project-based learning experience with an emphasis on math that will attract students from many different backgrounds (Education, Environmental Studies, STEM, Service Learning, Entrepreneurship, Community-based Projects, etc.) Project-based learning is becoming the norm for education programs throughout the world. It has proved to be a practical tool to better prepare students for solving real-world problems and keeping them engaged throughout the process. Building a boat requires not only applying a set of math calculations, and understanding flotation basics; the process forces students to use multiple learning techniques to succeed, including research, logical deduction, and iterative learning (trial and error). The knowledge acquired is applicable to other wood crafts. 

In addition, this course will give students the chance to explore the nautical culture of Tigre, its environment, and ecosystem. Outings in Tigre will allow students to understand the impact immigrant communities (British, French, Spaniard, Italian) had in creating a unique rowing culture. We will visit some of the iconic rowing clubs that were established over 100 years ago in the area. Students will have an opportunity to enjoy time on the water, and the great climate of the Tigre Delta, its natural ecosystem and its distinctive, relaxed and natural way of living. At the same time, students will gain insights into the social inequalities of disadvantaged areas on the outskirts of the city. 

Bote al Agua is part of a community of NGOs located in Tigre within walking distance of each other. We will spend quality time getting to know these projects, which all share the same goal: to help alleviate poverty by engaging meaningfully with the community. Together with Bote al Agua, students will participate in outreaching the community by offering school-age kids the chance to participate in this creative and fun boat-building experience. A minimum of students is required to open the program.