Academic Coordinator: María Eugenia Destefanis (MA)

The Spanish as a Second Language Program offers intensive lower division courses all year round with complete immersion in Argentine life and culture. A team of qualified native Spanish faculty with expertise in applied linguistics teaches language courses using the communicative approach methodology. The course books are written by the professors themselves and published by Belgrano University Press. 

Courses meet Monday through Thursday for 3 or 5 hours and the first and last Friday of each session, they take 120 academic hours to complete. Students are allocated to different levels on the basis of a written online placement test that will take priority over past courses. Course capacity is limited to 15 students and a minimum of students is required for each course. 

The Spanish sessions can be combined with a 60-hour Community Based course. Our menu of options includes working in the community, health, science & technology, education, ecology & environment. The professional experience will be academically directed and supervised by our Spanish faculty.

Course Catalogue: